Fitch Ratings
Fitch Rating Navigator (PDF, 180KByte) 26.05.2017
Fitch affirms Bayerische Landesbank´s IDR at 'A-'/STABLE, VR AT 'BBB' (PDF, 49KByte) 04.05.2017
Fitch affirms three southern Landesbanken after sector review (PDF, 44KByte) 04.05.2017
Fitch: Credit Update Public Sector Pfandbriefe (PDF, 217KByte) 21.04.2017
Fitch Affirms BayernLB's Public Sector Pfandbriefe at 'AAA'; Outlook Stable (PDF, 117KByte) 31.03.2017
Fitch Assigns Derivative Counterparty and Deposit Ratings to German Banks (PDF, 4MByte) 12.12.2016
Fitch: Full Rating Report (PDF, 262KByte) 02.11.2016
Fitch affirms BayernLB's Mortgage Pfandbriefe at 'AAA'; Withdraws Rating (PDF, 46KByte) 28.09.2016
Fitch: Update Mortgage Pfandbriefe (PDF, 229KByte) 13.07.2016
Fitch: Update Public Sector Pfandbriefe 2016 (PDF, 175KByte) 11.07.2016
Fitch Rating Navigator (PDF, 180KByte) 31.05.2016
Fitch Affirms BayernLB's Mortgage Pfandbriefe at 'AAA'; Outlook Stable (PDF, 185KByte) 13.05.2016
Fitch upgrades BayernLB's VR to 'bbb'; affirms IDR at 'A-'/stable (PDF, 86KByte) 12.05.2016
Fitch affirms guaranteed Pfandbriefe at 'AAA'; Outlook stable (PDF, 39KByte) 15.04.2016
Fitch: Amicable Settlement Would Limit Heta Risks For BayernLB (PDF, 68KByte) 13.07.2015
Fitch affirms BayernLB´s Public Sector Pfandbriefe at 'AAA', Outlook stable (PDF, 46KByte) 15.06.2015
Fitch Revised Support Assumptions for German Landesbanken (PDF, 365KByte) 02.06.2015
Fitch Rating Navigator (PDF, 173KByte) 02.06.2015
Fitch Downgrades Bayerische Landesbank (BayernLB) on Support Revision (PDF, 4MByte) 19.05.2015
Fitch affirms BayernLB's Mortgage Pfandbrief at 'AAA'; Outlook stable (PDF, 112KByte) 13.05.2015
Fitch affirms BayernLB's VR (PDF, 42KByte) 05.03.2015
Moody´s Credit Opinion: Bayerische Landesbank (PDF, 1MByte) 15.05.2017
Moody's hebt das langfristige Emittentenrating der BayernLB um einen Notch auf A1 an (PDF, 123KByte) 13.04.2017
Performance Report - Public Sector Covered Bonds (PDF, 263KByte) 13.03.2017
Performance Report - Mortgage Covered Bonds (PDF, 494KByte) 09.03.2017
Moody's upgrades three German banks' senior-senior securities previously classified as senior unsecured debt (PDF, 108KByte) 31.12.2016
Moody's assigns senior-senior unsecured bank debt ratings to 14 German banks and upgrades 350 bonds to the new rating level (PDF, 124KByte) 21.11.2016
Moody´s Landesbank peer report (PDF, 2MByte) 11.08.2016
Moody's Company Profile (PDF, 937KByte) 10.05.2016
Moody's upgrades hybrid debt instruments of Bayerische Landesbank (PDF, 122KByte) 17.02.2016
Moody's Issuer Comment: Partial repayment of State Aid another milestone in becoming independant from support (PDF, 1MByte) 12.02.2016
Moody's upgrades German banks’ deposit ratings and downgrades senior debt ratings (PDF, 135KByte) 26.01.2016
Moody's Credit Focus: Final State Aid Repayment Within Reach - But Not Without A Challenge (PDF, 2MByte) 06.10.2015
Performance Report - Mortgage Covered Bonds (PDF, 263KByte) 21.08.2015
Performance Report - Public Sector Pfandbriefe (PDF, 269KByte) 21.08.2015
13.07.2015 Moody's Rating Action (PDF, 818KByte) 13.07.2015
Moody's Rating Action (PDF, 163KByte) 19.06.2015
Moody's Sector in-Depth (PDF, 3MByte) 19.06.2015
Moody's Company Profile (PDF, 971KByte) 19.05.2015
Moody's reviews global bank ratings (PDF, 138KByte) 17.03.2015